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Hypoallergenic and non-irritating ingredients are used.


Pack size: 100ml / bt



To clean the vagina by removing the vaginal discharge through vaginal lavage.

It is safe as it will not damage the vaginal wall.

It can resolve the odor and itching problems in vagina, and preventing the growth of bacteria.

Use when needed.


Direction of use:

When to use?

- Use after menstruation cycle

- Use after applying contraceptive gel / contraceptive cream


Grasp the bottle cap with one hand and pull the chisel straight with your other hand until it clicks. When in use, you can sit in the toilet or stand on the bathtub.


Put the nozzle into the vagina and gently press the bottle to allow the cleaning fluid to slowly flow out. Deep cleaning fluid can only be used once


Product origin: Australia

嬌陪 Disposable Douche

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