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Neomycin (as Neomycin sulfate) - 7.1mg (potency)


Hydrocortisone acetate - 5.6mg

(e.q. to Hydrocortisone - 5.0mg)

Cinchocaine HCl - 5.0mg

Esculin - 10.0mg

White petrolatum - 837.40mg

Beewax - 130.17mg


Pack size: 20g



Relieve symptoms of external or internal haemorrhoids or anal itching caused by other reasons. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammation, local analgesic and skin protection functions.


Direction of use:

Apply on affected area 2 times per day pr as directed by your doctor.



Keep away from children. Store it below 25°C. Store it in a cool place. Do not use it if the seal is broken.


Product origin: Taiwan


Reg. No.: HK-54889

Hemo - Ointment 20g

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