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Eucalyptus Oil - 70.0mg

L - menthol - 35.0mg

Tocopherol Acetate - 21.0mg

Phellodendron Bark Soft Extract (33:1) - 42.7mg


Pack size: 10 sheets per box



Quickly penetrates, relieves pain, and has lasting effect. It can relax muscles and collaterals, warm meridians, relieve cervical spine pain, shoulder pain, stiff shoulder muscles, and joint pain


Direction of use:

After cleaning the affected area, tear off the thin film on the product and apply it to the affected area. Use once or twice a day, or use it again when needed.



Store in at a place protected from light.

Do not use on wounds, eyes and mucous membrane.


Product origin: Korea

Osco - Muscle Patch

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